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To 50 and Beyond

Jul 20, 2021

Episode 172

Join me in this wonderful and power-packed episode, engaging with Dr. Christiane Northrup as she gives you masterpiece lessons on aging and menopause to achieve the desire of vibrancy, joy, confidence, and freedom, cravings that are sometimes absent in menopause years. 

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • What...

Jul 13, 2021

Do you struggle with setting boundaries?

My guest on episode 171 is the brilliant Megan Logan, a licensed social worker on a mission to help women find more love for themselves. 

From writing the Self-Love Workbook for Women: Release Self-Doubt, Build Self-Compassion, and Embrace Who You Are to explaining what self-love...

Jul 6, 2021

How do you express joy?
My guest on episode 170 is the joyful and talented Shannon Kaiser, who uses her bubbly personality and incredible writing skills to share her message and joy.
After a decade of addiction, Shannon knew she needed to make a change. She made it her goal to replace her unwanted behaviors,...

Jun 29, 2021

Episode 169 

This episode comes from my heart as a socially anxious person who thought that drinking alcohol was required in order to socialize. 

I know how challenging it is right now to face people you haven't seen because of COVID, especially if you are someone who is not drinking. 

I created this episode based on a...

Jun 22, 2021

Episode 168
Do you struggle with loving yourself?
You are not alone! In this very special episode, I spoke with the fantastic Paul Fishman about the difference between self love and self care, and how to find more love for yourself.
Paul tells his story openly and honestly and explains his own...