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The To 50 and Beyond podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Lori Massicot, that teaches you and inspires you to live an alcohol-free lifestyle later in life. For more information and show notes, please visit my website.

Sep 18, 2018

Episode 33 ~

In this quickie episode, I'm talking about my recent trip to Los Angeles California where I attended the She Recovers Conference and the epiphany I had while there.  

I also talk about recovering from drinking for thirty-years and what recovering means to me while I'm evolving as a woman and business owner.  

I believe in the middle of life we need to let go of shame, judgment, and hiding behind our untruths to step into who we really are.  I hope this episode gives your inspiration and a fire inside of you to go after what you want in life no matter how hard it may seem. 

I'm with you all of the way! 

Please reach out to me if you need support or an ear to listen. 

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