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To 50 & Beyond

Sep 10, 2019

Episode 82 

Navigate Aging + Sobriety Using Astrology with Natha Campanella 

Natha Campanella is a professional astrologer, writer, teacher, and podcaster.  Natha writes and speaks on topics of spirituality, personal growth, and astrology. 

Using her ability, Natha translates the personal experience of her clients into astrological terms.  Natha Campanella combines her sharp intuitive skills, with practical and useful guidance.  She also teaches people how to use astrology as a transformational toolkit for mental and emotional health. 

We talk about the lovely transition that happens in the middle of life, quitting drinking + finding sobriety through astrology.  We had a beautiful conversation about the teen years and starting drinking because of shyness + not feeling good enough. 

Natha shares her story of what led her to quit drinking. 

Also, Natha talks about the Neptune transit + the Saturn transit in midlife, where we are less concerned with what other people want from us and expect from us. Setting boundaries + realizing what you are no longer willing to accept.

I ask a lot of beginner astrology chart questions! 

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