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To 50 and Beyond

Oct 8, 2019

Learning to Let Go with Tammi Salas 

Episode 85 

In this episode, I'm joined by my friend, Tammi Salas as she shares with us her recent discovery of reassessing things in her life and letting go of stories from the past. 

Tammi hasn’t had a drink since February 3, 2015. She is a former wine bar owner, lifelong seeker + recovering perfectionist. She is an artist, teacher, self-proclaimed late-bloomer and co-host of The Unruffled Podcast, a weekly podcast that explores all topics relating to the intersection of creativity and recovery.

In sobriety, she re-enrolled in college and declared art as her major at age 44. She makes art every day upon waking and credits this practice as the path to her spiritual overhaul and creative awakening.

Tammi has self-published My Daily Gratitude Practice: How I Got Started and Found My Visual Voice and has written a gratitude list every day since December 10, 2015. Her newest book, Proof of Life: 60-day Gratitude Journal was released earlier this year.

Tammi shares her creative and personal pursuits over on her website, as well as her struggles and successes with sobriety. 

Topics talked about: 

What led Tammi back to creating art after a long hiatus 

  • Letting go of old stories and changing 
  • Periods after IUD removal 
  • Perimenopause and blood tests 
  • The Death card and the meaning behind it 
  • Self-Promotion in business 
  • Building a business in the middle of life
  • Taking creative ideas and running with it 
  • How to self-publish 
  • Getting back into a workout routine and hiring a personal trainer 
  • Panic attacks and what Tammi does to alleviate them


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