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The To 50 and Beyond podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Lori Massicot, that teaches you and inspires you to live an alcohol-free lifestyle later in life. For more information and show notes, please visit my website.

Aug 9, 2023

Episode #258 


Hello, friend!

Today is an episode about stepping into your identity as someone who lives an alcohol-free lifestyle. 

When I stopped drinking, I realized quickly that so much of who I thought I was was tied to alcohol. At 14, I stepped into my “party girl” image. I believed alcohol was the answer to my social anxiety and lack of confidence in who I was. 

At 45, when I quit drinking, I had the same beliefs about alcohol, and I had a belief that I couldn’t “do life” without drinking. I was wrong, but it took me “practicing being alcohol-free” to learn this. 

In this episode, I talk about feeling out of touch with yourself when you give up alcohol, and I share a short lesson about my mini-courseThe Alcohol-Free Habit Kickstartthat helps you understand the importance of how our beliefs shape our behaviors. 

You can read the full show notes here. 

Mentioned in this episode: 

The Essential Series: Your Guide to Living Alcohol-Free in Midlife and Beyond 

Atomic Habits, by James Clear


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