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To 50 and Beyond

Oct 15, 2019

Episode 86 Aging Grayfully with Mia Mancuso 

Today's episode is full of midlife sobriety, aging + encouragement to live your best life unmasked. 

Mia Mancuso is a wife, dog mama, Registered Nurse, Breathwork space holder, Accountability Coach for the Gray Area Drinker and proud silver-haired (yep, it's real) teetotaling...

Mar 30, 2019

In this bonus episode, I share with you the five things that perimenopause helped me change. 

As a post-menopausal woman, I'm grateful for the transition I went through in peri, and know how hard it can be. 

The top 5 are: 

1.  Removing the old stories of "I can't"

2.  The disconnect to my body 

3.  My sedentary...

Mar 2, 2019


In this Sitch On Saturday episode, I'm sharing with you how I drank and what I drank and why I call my drinking time "fantasy" time. 

I also share how I'm living that fantasy life today and how it's good to DREAM big! 

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Nov 24, 2018

Every Saturday I share a situation to help you navigate through midlife with ease and comfort, and shake things up! 

In this episode, I'm sharing my experience with socializing while in perimenopause and what I did to get through some tough situations.  While we all experience perimenopause and menopause symptoms...