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To 50 & Beyond

Apr 20, 2019

In this bonus, Sitch on Saturday episode, I'm sharing a quick list I made in my journal about my childhood memories. 

Some of these memories include my love of Hang Ten Jackets, Danny Bonaduce, Scott Baio, and rollerskating. 

I would LOVE to hear if you take the challenge and make your own list.  

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Apr 16, 2019

Episode 61 

How to Create a Life You Don't Want to Escape From with Natalie Fairbrook

Natalie Fairbrook is a Certified Recovery Coach, Certified Life Coach, and Accountability Coach for Hip Sobriety.  Natalie is a Yoga Teacher who removed alcohol from her life in 2015.  Through her own recovery and much in-depth...

Apr 13, 2019

In this episode, I share my morning routine and how it has changed over the years.  I feel like every woman in the middle of life needs a designated time in the morning for herself. 

Topics discussed are my: 

Bedtime + wakeup time

Shower routine

Beauty routine

ME time


Food + Eating 



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Apr 9, 2019

Episode 60 

Do You Need a Midlife EDIT? 

Who or what do I want, and need to walk away from? Walking away doesn’t have to be dramatic or a declaration spouted on social media.

You choose what you want, then you silently take a step back, then another, then another, until you feel better.  Until you feel happier.

I say...

Apr 6, 2019

In this quickie episode, I share 25 PRO-Aging tips that will help boost your mood and how you feel.  Also, I explain what PRO-aging is vs. anti-aging. 

Share your tips with me. 

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