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To 50 & Beyond

Jun 11, 2019

Episode 69 

Building a Wellness Business Inside and Out with Lauren Meers

Lauren Meers is an NLP Practioner, Spin Instructor, Health & Wellness Junkie and the owner of her health and wellness business with Arbonne. 

Lauren is also a sober sister! 

Lauren reflects on recently turning thirty-six, which led her to quit drinking, and how she has transformed her life through daily healthy intentions. 

Topics discussed: 

  • What piqued your sober curiosity? 
  • Lauren's self-care routine from morning to night 
  • The NEW collagen elixir that Arbonne offers and how it helps women over 40 
  • Non-toxic beauty + wellness products and why it matters to our overall health
  • How everyone should have more than one stream of income 
  • Investing in quality products vs. cheaper unconcentrated versions
  • Starting a business to learn + connect with others to grow a community and have something for yourself

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