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To 50 & Beyond

Aug 6, 2019

Episode 77 

Living Happy and Ageless 

In this episode, I talk to Robynn Lin Fredericks, an actress, producer, and influencer. 

Robynn grew up in the world of fashion and nutrition and shares with us why she believes having an ageless mindset is the key to aging.

Robynn switched careers in her forties and followed a sign that led her to become an actress+ producer. 

Topics include: 

  • Changing careers in your 40's 
  • Developing an ageless mindset 
  • Stop succumbing to aging stereotypes from others and ourselves 
  • Actionable steps that women take to add years to their life
  • Robynn's ageless self-care routine 
  • Robynn's first film she created and stars in 

To find Robynn: 

Her website 

Her Instagram

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