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The To 50 and Beyond podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Lori Massicot, that teaches you and inspires you to live an alcohol-free lifestyle later in life. For more information and show notes, please visit my website.

Jan 25, 2023

Episode 235 

Hey there, friend! 

It's not too late to plan your 2023 theme and word of the year! 

In this episode, I walk you through how I recapped 2022, what I learned about myself after Thanksgiving, the challenges I faced as a mom, and how I chose my theme of the year, and WOTY. 

You can read the full show notes

Jan 18, 2023

Episode 234 

Let's face it. As we age, our bodies change, making it more difficult to take care of them.  When the stresses of life are derailing your rigid eating plans or intense workouts are leaving you sore and tired, you have to find a realistic way to stay healthy.  Thankfully, my guest Amy Connell has developed...

Jan 11, 2023

Episode 233 

Happy New Year, friend!

I'm so glad you are here today. 

This year on the podcast,  I will explore more about our identity and the stories we tell ourselves to help you begin the process of changing any narrative you believe about yourself that is no longer true or serving your best self. 

With so much of...