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The To 50 and Beyond podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Lori Massicot, that teaches you and inspires you to live an alcohol-free lifestyle later in life. For more information and show notes, please visit my website.

Jul 30, 2020

Episode 127
In this episode, I talk with Paula Fontenelle, therapist, author, podcaster and a woman who lost her father to suicide in 2005. 
Paula shares her story of loss, recovery and covers topics that will help you break the silence and stigma of suicide. 
Topics include: 
  • Paula‚Äôs story of losing her father...

Jul 28, 2020

Episode 126

In this episode, I talk about what it takes to stop drinking, gain momentum and keep it going without talking yourself out of sobriety.

Topics discussed: 

  • Why self-awareness matters most 
  • Finding support and like-minded friends
  • How to not talk yourself out of sobriety 
  • Finding solutions that work for...

Jul 21, 2020

Learn how to step into your power in the middle of life and start the reinvention you've been dreaming of with my guest, Jennifer Arthurton of Old Chicks Know Sh*t. 

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • Getting through the perimenopause struggle
  • Fighting the resistance of menopause and relaxing into it
  • How to find out...

Jul 14, 2020

A round table conversation with three of my friends about finding female friendships, social media, and how relationships change after you get sober. 

Episode 124: Friendship, Instagram, and Sobriety with Anne and Leigh Walkup and Jaime T.

Topics discussed: 

  • Getting sober and finding new friends
  • Why likes and comments...

Jul 7, 2020

In episode 123, you will learn how to redefine your identity to find your purpose in the middle of life, and own your accomplishments. 

My guest is Amy Schmidt, podcast host, author, speaker, blogger, and Founder and CEO of Fearlessly Facing Fifty whose mission it is to empower and encourage women forty-plus to go all...