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To 50 and Beyond

Apr 20, 2021

Do you worry about relapsing or has relapse affected your recovery journey?
My guest on episode 159, the inspirational Pamela Davenport, is well versed in the highs and lows of recovery, and draws on her own struggles with relapse to help others.
Pamela is a certified recovery coach; meditation teacher and She...

Apr 13, 2021

Sobriety is a scary word!

On episode 158, I talk about my own journey and the process it took for me to come to terms with my sobriety.  

If someone told me when I was young that alcohol would mess up my life, I wouldn’t have believed them. 

For a huge part of my life I drank excessively and at one point I felt like...

Apr 6, 2021

In this episode of To 50 and Beyond Podcast, we have invited Jean McCarthy, award-winning blogger and the host of The Bubble Hour podcast and is a strong voice of recovery advocacy. Her book “The Ember Ever There: Poems on Change, Grief, Growth, Recovery, and Rediscovery” was released in June 2020. She is also the...

Mar 30, 2021

You are not alone if you've heard "you're too sensitive!" and you don't need to "fix" anything about you. You are not alone, my friend.
In this episode, #156, invited Mel Collins, a UK author of the book “The Handbook for Highly Sensitive People - How to Transform Feeling Overwhelmed and Frazzled to Empowered...

Mar 23, 2021

Episode 155 

What beliefs do you have about yourself? Are your beliefs holding you back from becoming the person you want to become? Well, this episode is for you. Today we have an opportunity to hear from Cody Kreutz. Cody has an amazing personal transformation journey that you cannot afford to miss.

Besides having an...