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To 50 and Beyond

May 15, 2018

My story on how I got started in Entrepreneurship and my housecleaning business.  It has been a wild ride for the past ten years!  I believe that if you have an inkling of an interest in starting your own business - you need to listen to this first, and then GO FOR IT! 

My cleaning business was started out of a necessity to replace my income in the real estate industry, which I was laid off from in 2007.  I didn't have professional cleaning experience; I just enjoyed cleaning.  It was a risk, but I didn't have any other choices because no one else would hire me.  

In the past ten year's I have changed my mind on what it takes to make a living and how being my own boss has changed my life.  I have two steams of income today, and it fires me up to see other women challenging themselves and making money doing something they love. 

If you have questions or need support, please email me