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To 50 and Beyond

Dec 3, 2019

Episode 93

Part Two: Swimming for His Life with Dean Hall 

This episode is full of hope, grit, and living your dream life, no matter your circumstance. 

I talk with Dean Hall, a licensed clinical therapist for over 30 years. He specializes in helping clients recover from trauma, anxiety, and health conditions like chronic pain and cancer.

Dean is an author, a highly sought-after speaker, advice columnist, and expert in the field of neuroacoustics. Dean is also a two-time cancer survivor, widower, and world-record-setting extreme distance swimmer.  He was the first person to swim the entire 187-mile length of the Willamette River in Oregon in 2014 (which he did as an active cancer patient) and the River Shannon in Ireland (150 miles) in 2017. He accomplished these feats of endurance to prove to fellow cancer patients that you don’t have to give up your dreams or your drive simply because you have received a diagnosis.

One of Dean’s greatest achievements, however, is chasing and catching the gorgeous fitness competitor, Bobbi Parker Hall, and falling in love again with a woman who is as beautiful on the inside as she is the outside.

Topics include: 

  • His aging parents and how they taught him to take care of himself at a young age through exercise 
  • Dean’s first cancer diagnosis in 2007
  • Given six weeks to live in 2007
  • Trauma and illness 
  • HIs first wives cancer and death fifteen days before his 30th anniversary
  • Coming out of years of grief 
  • Asking healthier questions to get different answers
  • His childhood goal coming to life in his fifties 
  • Training for his first big swim 
  • Dean’s sleep schedule during his cancer years 
  • His second diagnosis in 2013 and how Dean knew it had come back

Make sure to listen to Part One to learn more about Dean's story and how he is today. 

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